Automist® Types: Which System is right for me?

The Smart Alternative to Domestic Sprinklers

Automist® is a fire suppression system with a difference. A great alternative to conventional sprinklers if bulky water tanks aren’t an option, where water supply is low, or if you’d simply like to install the most attractive solution in your home.

New: Automist® Smartscan Hydra

The Automist® Smartscan Hydra is a fully upgraded version of the award-winning algorithm that produced Smartscan, now integrated with the latest in fire safety innovations.

When triggered by the wireless multi sensor or wired detector, the Smartscan Hydra linked spray heads begin scanning the room, measuring temperatures using an infrared sensor to identify the source of a fire. A high press pump is activated, driving mains water through a unique nozzle unit, and quickly directing a dense fog into the affected location to successfully suppress the fire.

Faster Approval – The Automist® Smartscan Hydra is covered by an LABC registered detail, EWS534, which helps to gain rapid approval from local authority and building control.

Reliable Activation – The Automist® Smartscan Hydra has a robust ‘double knock’ trigger which uses a combination of smoke, heat, and rate of rise to accurately identify a fire. This unique system means that the Smartscan Hydra is not prone to false activations

Automist® Fixed Wall Head

The best value residential sprinkler alternative, the Automist® fixed wall head is designed to help open plan layouts comply with regulations. Designed to blend in seamlessly with its surroundings, the fixed wall head is inconspicuously mounted on walls to protect fire escape routes through living areas.

When activated by its heat alarm, the Automist® fixed wall head blankets the protected room with high pressure mist. Once the fire is supressed, residents are able to escape and the system can be easily switched off via the stop button once the fire has been fully controlled.

An enabler of great design, the fixed wall head allows designers the freedom to configure properties in the best way for their client’s needs, whilst still meeting important building regulations. The customisable backplate is available in bright chrome, satin stainless, gloss white, and antique brass.

Landlords – Automist® creates a safe escape route for existing open plan houses, at no impact to rentable space.

Architects & Developers – Automist® allows modern open-plan layouts, increasingly expected by clients, to be approved by building regulations.

Automist® Tap Mount

Discreetly mounted under an available tap, the Automist® tap mount is a discreet fire suppression unit that works to provide additional fire prevention for a kitchen or utility room.

The tap mount does not have the same performance optimisations as the Automist® wall mounted solutions, so is not recommended as an alternative to a sprinkler system, but instead to provide extra protection for a room.

Customised – The Automist® tap mount is best suited to individual projects that require customised solutions where a fire safety professional has found it to be a good fit. The tap mount is designed to fill the space between fire extinguishers and sprinkler systems, so if you’re looking for larger fire suppression power or building regulations approval, then you may find a wall mounted solution more suitable.

Award winning – Winner of the James Dyson Award in 2009, with a working range of 4 metres, the most complimented feature of the Automist® tap mount is its discreet design and seamless integration.

Can’t decide which system is right for you?

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