Smart Water Mist System:

Use Automist® to get the home layout that you want

Because of the vast improvements Automist® makes to home fire safety, you’re set free under building regulations to create a variety of modern home layouts.

All too often, the plan of a loft conversion or stunning open plan design can be stopped in its tracks by the requirement of a sprinkler system – an unpopular, often unattractive option.

Automist® by Plumis is an intelligent mist sprinkler system that is being called the modern equivalent to traditional 19th century domestic water sprinklers. Activated electronically, Automist® uses smart heat sensors and an infrared targeting system to steer a high pressure water mist directly into the fire. Installation is a simplified, sometimes 2 hour process, and water damage to the property is reduced by up to 90%

If you have been advised by Building Control that you require a sprinkler system, we can help you with the finer details of designing and installing a water mist solution to your specifications.

Better fire safety for your home

Automist® is a worthwhile investment in houses, flats, and HMO’s with layout problems that present high fire risks.

This fire sprinkler alternative is an innovative and affordable option that is internationally acclaimed for the efficient and active fire protection that it offers homeowners and managers of property.

Using smart fire suppression technology, the system aims to control and suppress fires, significantly reducing risk of injury, life loss, and permanent damage to the property.

Automist® helps you meet building regulations, and most importantly stay safe in your home.

Why choose us?

Choosing a fire protection system has a big impact, both on safety and the freedom to lay out a home the way you want to. Voltek have worked in the construction industry and with electrical & fire detection systems for years.

We are authorised Plumis Automist® installers because we believe that there is no better alternative to modern fire sprinklers, from its ease of integration and unparalleled safety features, to its unique ability to unlock a wide range of better home designs.